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Vehicle Guidelines

Requesting Use of RLCE Vehicles

  • To request to use RLCE vehicles, an RLCE Vehicle Request Form must be filled out and submitted at least two weeks in advance of the desired use date.

  • The individual who submits the form, will be notified when the request is approved.

  • To ride in RLCE vehicles, all minors (under age 18) are required to have a completed Parental Consent Form on file with RLCE prior to riding in an RLCE Vehicle.

  • Ministries using RLCE vehicles are to leave the vehicles clean and orderly, ready for the next ministry to use. 

  • There are times when the vehicles will not be available due to scheduling events and general maintenance.

Drivers of RLCE Vehicles

It is expected that everyone who drives RLCE vehicles will take care to keep them in the best possible condition. 

​The following guidelines apply to all vehicles:

  • Please only use the vehicle you are scheduled to use.

  • All drivers are required to complete a RLCE Vehicle Driver Form before driving and comply with the guidelines.

  • Working with ministry leaders, the drivers are to inspect that minors (under age 18) are listed in RLCE's On File Parental Consent Forms, prior to riding in an RLCE Vehicle.  

  • In the event that general maintenance is needed or something is broken or not working, please inform the Transportation Team right away at

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